The Story of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The Story of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Friends, today we will talk about the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India, who built it and why? What is special about this Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which makes it different from the other. How is the structure inside this hotel, and yes friends, who built this Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, it was not a common man, but was a common man. I hope all of you will be very happy to know this information of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Will read the article without skipping, Thanks.

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Great Hotel in Maya Nagri

The example of luxury beauty, grandeur and patriotism, that is, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai has always dreamed of having a meal or spending a night in this hotel.
The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai was built by Jamshed Ji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group, on 21 December 1903, 21 years before the Gateway of India was built, but the story of Maya Nagri's creation of this magnificent hotel is no less than a film.

Jamshed Ji Tata and Every Indian insulted

In 1896, Lumiere Brothers, the father of cinema, put his first film show in Mumbai's luxurious "Watson Hotel". Only white people used to go to see this show. At that time, boards outside the big hotels used to be "DOG'S AND INDIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED" On July 7, 1896, Tata Group founder Jamshed Ji Tata also went to the Watson Hotel to see the Lumiere Brothers show, but the manager did Jamshed Ji Tata Having refused to enter the hotel due to being Indian by showing a board outside the hotel. Jamshed Ji Tata's heart was deeply hurt due to this incident, according to him, it was not just an insult to him, but an insult to every Indian human being.

The First Hotel in India Which had New Equipment, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Just 2 years after this incident, a country devotee like Jamshed Ji Tata started building such a luxurious hotel by blurring the aura of the Watson Hotel, the hotel was named "Taj Mahal Palace Hotel" It was the first hotel in India to have electricity There were American fans, German lifters, and English butlers.

The cost of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and the Board Outside the Hotel

The steel of Pils engaged in this hotel was bought by Jamshed Ji Tata from Paris. At that time, it cost 3 lakh euro to build the hotel, which is about one and a half thousand crores of rupees today. On 16 December 1903 a beautiful and luxurious hotel was completed. At that time, there used to be a board outside the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel which read "BRITISH AND CAT'S ARE NOT ALLOWED".

The Specialty of this Hotel

The 117-year-old hotel has 560 luxurious rooms and 44 suites, in 1903 the nightly fare of the hotel was Rs 13 and today the one-night stay in the hotel is Rs 22 thousand to Rs 1 lakh. It was the first hotel in India to have a disco and it was the first hotel in Mumbai to have a "Bar". The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is the first building in India to have Antelecretor property rights to its architecture design.

Branch of Taj Hotel and Terrorist Attack on it

The Taj Hotel today has more than 100 branches, with 84 branches in India and 16 branches in Bhutan, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, UAE, UK, USA and Zambia. At the time of World War I, the Taj Hotel was converted into a 600-bed hospital. In 2008 terror attack on Mumbai, the hotel was heavily damaged by the terrorists, but the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, an example of the country's pride, stood up again. After the Terrorist attack, there were some guests who were waiting for the return of the Taj Hotel to Raunak, then US President Barack Obama.

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Friends, if you go to Mumbai, you will definitely visit this Taj, and while viewing the Taj, Jamshedji will be proud of the patriotism of Tata, who gave the crown to Mumbai, which is a symbol of the country's glory. How did you like this article, do not forget to share it in the comment box, share the article with your friends and yes, if you have not yet followed our website Rk Indias, do it now so that you do not be deprived of the upcoming articles, Thank you.

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